Bart Simpson | The Ten Commandments Single “Thou Shalt Have Fun” |The Yellow Album (Platinum) | GEFFEN USA

Damage | Tears Since You’ve Been Gone (Gold) | EMI UK

Elkie Brookes |Shame(Single) | Inspiration (Gold) | TELSTAR UK

Loveland | If I Only Knew Then | The Wonder Of Love (Gold | PWL- UK

Tokio |36 Degrees (Single)| Tokio 5 Ahead (Gold) | UNIVERSAL- Japan

Marwenna | Buddy’s Song |Moment Of Madness Film – actors Roger Daltrey (The Who), Chesney Hawkes | Curbishley, Baird And Daltrey Productions UK

Scooch |Stay | Four Sure | PWL

Thurl Bailey | Not Giving Up Any Old Time | Safe In Your Heart | Shadow Mount  USA

Awesome | The Future (Single), I Love You Most Of All, There’s Nothing To It | The Future | CNR UK/Germany

Alex Boye | Moving Up (Single),  She’s So Necessary,  She Belongs To Me, The Love Goes On, It Makes The Angels Sigh (Single) | No Limits | ZYX -RECORDS UK / Germany

Rita Guerra | Someone Somewhere Single | Columbia Portugal

Tony Santos | Note De Hara Hamas (Were Not Giving Up) -Duet Alma Negra | Universal Spain

Barbara Dex | To Make You Love Me | Blue Eyed Girl | SONY BMG Belgium

Dana Winner | It’s A Beautiful Life | It’s A Beautiful Life (Gold/Platinum) | EMI  Belgium

Rey Thomas | What If I Am (Single) | ZYX Records Sweden

Lauren Waterworth | Fortune Favours The Show |PWL EMI UK

Dance Trax | The Future | Film-Out Of Step – A Ryan Little Film USA

Bianca Kinane| Fortune Favours The Brave Single | PWL UK

Vibe Tribe | Trust Single |LONDON FRRR UK

Brooklyn Star | She Rox Single| UNIVERSAL Australia

Breze | My Heart Goes Boom Single |WEA UK

For Charity – Catriona Appeal | Coming Home | Documentaries USA

Sam Cardon (Nominated For A Grammy Award For The Album)| Hearts On Hold | Impulse | AIRUS RECORDS USA

Keely Hawkes | In Our Time (Single), Everybody Wants Their Own Heaven) (Single), If This World Were Mine (Single) | In Our Time | EMI  UK/Germany

Saul Of Tarsus | Fight The Good Fight | Tapes /CD’s / Songbooks And Film – “Living Animated Scriptures” Animated by Richard James (Former Producer For Walt Disney) | Embryo Records Christian Label USA

Brother Of Jared | The Promised Land | Tapes / CD’s / Songbooks And Film – Living Animated Scriptures Animated by Richard James (Former Producer For Walt Disney) Embryo Records Christian Label USA

Tabitha Cycon | Beautiful Day Single | EMI Belgium – Benelux Records Belgium

Jibe | I Should Know That Single | Jibe Canada

Connor Dehlin | I Love You Most Of All | Victory Album Single | Tulip Tunes USA

David Osmond | Last Day Single |Tulip Tunes USA

Nathan Osmond | Stars And Stripes Single |Tulip Tunes USA

Jan Le’ Brandt | Man Enough To Cry Single |Tulip Tunes Belgium

Jan Le’ Brandt | Your Name Single |Tulip Tunes Belgium

Tessa Sunniva | Lipstick | Holland

Dana Winner | Its A Beautiful Life | EMI Belgium

Barbara Dex | To Make You Love Me | EMI Belgium

For Jo Cassiers /Artists Mariona Smets | Wake Up ( Single) , I Am (Album) | Jona Records Belgium

Helena Zetova | It’ll Be A Blast (Single) |Hungry Universal

Previous Holds / Recordings:

Cliff Richard | Fortune Favours The Brave | UK

Boyz To Men | Love Is Here To Stay | USA

Brownstone – Michael  Jacksons First Female Band | Fortune

Toni Braxton | How Do You Think I Feel | USA  Production/ Baby Face USA

West Life | Love Is Here To Stay | UK

Geri Halliwell (Spice Girls) | Read My Lips | UK

Liberty X |We Got It All | UK

Mindy Mcreedy | I Need A Man | USA

Lulu | Shame | UK

Simple Minds – Producer Mick Macneil | For Four Good Men |Recorded 2 Songs | Scotland